<----> Enzo Scacchia - Teramo, Abruzzo, Italy

A Virtuosi of Italian Folk played on the Organetto

Written by Gianluca Bibiani, February 20, 2014
Edited and Translated by Andy Bakke


Enzo Scacchia is known as the "King of the organetto", is considered a talent and a phenomenon in her musical genre, because it possesses a virtuosic technique integrated personal and unmistakable on the five fingers of the hand. The "five finger technique", including detailed method was invented by him, which revolutionized the classic study of the instrument and boasts numerous imitation attempts.


Composer and author of many songs recorded on compact discs, cassette tapes and books-published collection in Italy and in Brazil (SIAE member since 1988), won the World Championship of accordion (BELOVED) in 1995, graduated with a degree in communication sciences and, currently, is the corresponding periodic newspaper journalism for Italians in the world, newspapers and online news. The passion for the sport, as well as for music led him to become the sports technician (Technical, Personal Trainer, boxing Kick Boxing instructor) and Speaker (F.P.I.-cones).


Started playing at the age of five years practicing in classic studies of music theory and College with principles of modern harmony, accordion, drums, vocals, guitar and keyboard. He invented a new chromatic organ whose patent was legally settled under the name of "JAMBO" in 1996. The particularity of this innovative tool is to have three complete octaves, tones and semitones combined and arranged bitonici buttons so you can allow the execution of fanciful unique techniques, unlike traditional instruments that have a single major scale. "JAMBO" preserves the characteristics of the traditional organ, also in size, but is developed to the point that it can be considered a complete tool.


His artistic career was crowned with many tours in the United States of America (1986/89/90 – New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, California, Hawaii), Canada (1998), Australia (1999), Venezuela (1991), Brazil (1997/98), Switzerland (1981-83), Germany (1982-2010), Belgium (1984) and Italy. He was a guest of honor in television and radio programmes; He has collaborated with famous personalities from the world of entertainment and many newspapers have spoken of his artistic achievements. Currently lecturing of improvement and many teachers enrolled in the courses that holds firmly in L'Aquila and Teramo; He often served as judge and supervisor in organ competitions.


Among the many recognitions achieved it should be noted the prestigious award "The Golden Gulf" received in Vasto (CH) in 1999 for helping with its artistic and professional achievements, to disseminate throughout the world the culture and the Italian musical tradition. In the summer of 2009, the video with her song "Merenguito" was requested and submitted in the compilation of the prestigious Hollywood television program (California, U.S.A) "Salsa Showcase". The creation of compilations, titled "Salsa Showcase Coming Attractions 2009 PT. 2" and produced by "P.R. Productions", the band took part of the Caribbean's most popular music of the time...

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